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...the fracture will occur before the melting,

a line in length from the Ancient;

the Western ocean to the Long Valley

near the Western Lake, the two will merge.”

[a Lampholder Prophecy]

08.05.17 - Scotland Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 30 Years

The Latest: 2 dead, 500 hurt as 6.7 quake rocks Aegean Sea

Deadly earthquake rattles tourist spots near Greece, Turkey

2 tourists killed as powerful quake hits popular resorts

Eye Opener at 8: Thousands left without shelter as deadly quake hits Greece

Scores of tiny earthquakes making Mammoth Lakes area twitch



Yellowstone - A Restless Volcanic Giant
Yellowstone has erupted roughly once in every 600,000 years.
The last eruption was 640,000+ years ago.

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Montana, Raising Supervolcano Concerns

Magnitude 5.8 earthquake rouses slumbering Montana residents

06 Jul 17 - Lincoln, Montana - Earthquake in Montana, John Mayer marvels;

5.8 strongest in 20 years

Jun 16, 2017 - Scientists Tracking Earthquake Swarm in Northern Yellowstone Park

“235 earthquakes in the area...fairly normal”

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Reaches 878 Events In Just Two Weeks

Yellowstone Seismograms

San Diego faces heightened risk of major earthquakes, studies say

Violent Thunderstorm Outbreak in Germany - June 22, 2017

Can Animals Predict Earthquakes? Italian Farm Acts as a Lab to Find Out


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