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The Next Great American Eclipse April 8, 2024

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017

NASA Eclipse 2017

Interactive: Travel the path of the solar eclipse

Remember the last Great Total Solar Eclipse of the Century,

August 11,1999, and the unusual planetary alignments of

August 18, 1999 through May 5, 2000?

...everyone wants to know prophecy,

except when they are confronted with it.


August 23, 2017

“Black Sky Event”


Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise

“ be prepared for long duration power outages.”

EarthEX2017 is a planned exercise to respond effectively to catastrophes including earthquakes, cyber-attacks, EMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks), etc.

Before The Lights Go Out EMP Preparedness terrorism, or cyber-attacks, would be a quiet, yet

equally as dangerous, way of shutting down a country through targeting 

major telecommunication areas, crucial power grids,  and other areas

of critical communication....Unless forewarned the U.S. would not realize 

it was under a major computer terrorist attack until after it had

begun, and perhaps then, it would be too late.  

This prophecy alert is a call to prevention....Lampholder Publications 1999

Computer (electronic) terrorism is a silent, almost invisible attack with the 

express purpose of weakening and exposing vulnerabilities of other areas within the U.S. economic infrastructure(s) - tragically a terrorist attackcould be directed using computer/technology, numerous cyber-attacks, and cause extensive power blackouts.

(Prophetic forewarnings - Lampholder Publications 1999)

      A cyber-attack is a plan to cause confusion and harm to the 

U.S. infrastructure and allies around the world. It is intended as the initial onslaught

for a larger campaign that begins initially as ‘computer warfare.’  

This could bring computers and technology to a halt....

(Lampholder Publications, Aug 22, 2001)

Next: September 23, 2017

Spiritual Truth cannot be measured

through the eyes of religious doctrine.

(Lampholder Publications)

October 12, 2017

Asteroid 2012 TC4

30-metre asteroid skimming past Earth in October will test

Nasa’s doomsday ‘planetary defense system’

Asteroid 2012 TC4 to Safely Pass Earth This October

America & The World At The Crossroads
The Pivotal Year(s)

Prophecy is simply a reflective mirror...
an image of the future in the present.

Real Time World Statistics

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;

and a house divided against a house falleth. 

[Luke 11:17]

What benefit is prophecy

when many hear but few listen?

[Lampholder prophecy 2001]


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As above, as below:  In ancient cosmology the heavens were depicted

as a vast ocean.  “A NASA spacecraft has recorded eerie-sounding

radio emissions coming from our own planet.
The EARTH HUM or   ”Songs of Earth” ode to the past dear ‘Hodós Way;’ the future belongs to God.

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“Only With the heart can a person see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Prophets do not wear titles or celebrity status; 

They are not remembered for their heroism, or like-ability.

..they are remembered because their words reverberate through time, 

quickening the soul with fear, trembling, and the knowledge of GOD.

The Prophecy Continues....

The Lampholder 1999


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The Past:
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Fused Together.

The Future:
The Shadow of Yesterday
Reflected in Tomorrow.

Does History Repeat?


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The outside pieces are obvious and easily fit together; but the middle, the inside puzzle pieces, sit for a l

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[Lampholder July 11, 2007]

Prophecy can change the course

of History, but sometimes

History should be left to follow

the course of Destiny.


Prophecy the flood tide--impossible

to count the waves but

you can see them coming.

Prophecy...people must take

comfort in the fact that the succession of world events are

a part of the prophetic, and

the role of prophecy doesn’t

become apparent until it

becomes a part of the past.