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March 16, 2017

Mount Etna explosion injures at least 10

Volcano erupts in Italy, injuring 10 and spewing lava hundreds of feet high

BBC crew pelted with boiling rocks

Video shows miracle escape after Mount Etna spews lava

The Scary State of Volcano Monitoring in the United States

“There are at least 169 active volcanoes in the United States, 55 of which are believed to

pose a high or very high threat to people, according to a 2005 U.S. Geological Survey report.”

New Research Links Scores of Earthquakes to Fracking Wells in Ohio

Study: Full moon can trigger big earthquakes

27 March 2016 - Pavlof Volcano, Alaska

Volcano ash cloud disrupts flights over Alaska

The Latest: Alaska volcano calming after eruption

Volcano in Alaska sends ash spewing 20,000 feet high


Underwater volcano erupts off Oregon coast

Undersea volcano appears to be erupting off the coast of oregon and washington

“Axial Seamount, an active underwater volcano located about 300 miles off the coast of Oregon and Washington....”

Will volcanic eruption destroy humanity? Scientists warn world begin preparing explosive global-catastrophe.html

’Sudden explosion’ warning for volcanoes

Inside The Volcano - Colorful Caverns Created Molten Rock Forest

Campi Flegrei - Italy - Scientists Discover New Super Volcano

"Scientists report there’s a “super volcano” hidden near the same location where the notorious Mount Vesuvias eruption of 79 A.D. occurred and killed thousands of Pompeii residents."

Ancient Global Dimming Linked To Volcanic Eruption

Taking the pulse of volcanoes

Be Afraid? - The Supervolcano Is Coming

The science of volcanic eruptions

Volcano Illustrates World's Interconnectedness

Travelers beware: The worlds deadliest volcanoes

SLIDE SHOW: Top 10 Volcanic Blasts

U.S. Senators introduce volcano-monitoring legislation

How Volcanism Affects Climate

New Zealand - Rumble III  - Sea Volcano Blows Its Top 300km Off NZ Coast

Volcano Deep Down Could Be Melting Greenland's Ice

Ancient "Supervolcano" Rocked Washington State

Volcanoes And Global Cooling NASA

Deep magma could be clue to violent volcanoes

Eighteen Most Dangerous Volcanoes Include Erupting Peak

Experts predict 1,600 could die in quake

Geochronology Long Valley Caldera as related to long Valley magma chamber

Geologists Reveal Secrets Behind Supervolcano Eruption

"Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered what likely triggered the

eruption of a 'supervolcano' that coated much of the western half of the United States with a

sh fallout 760,000 years ago...."

Massive Eruptions and Supervolcanoes

Super Volcano Will Challenge Civilization, Geologists Warn

"The eruption of a super volcano "sooner or later" will chill the planet and threaten human civilization, British scientists warned."

Risk of Supervolcano Eruption Big Enough to Affect the World Far Greater Than Thought

Super-Eruptions Pose Global Threat

The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare - Climate Collapse

The Reason for Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Unlocking The Secrets of 'The Big One'

Lightning Strikes from the Mouths of Volcanoes

Volcanic Lightning

Volcanoes Erupt on Google Earth

Awe-Inspiring Images Of Our Planet Erupting




...the fracture will occur before the melting, a line in length from the Ancient;

the Western ocean to the Long Valley near the Western Lake, the two will merge."  

(Lampholder Prophecy)


Yellowstone - A Restless Volcanic Giant

Yellowstone has erupted roughly once in every 600,000 years.

The last eruption was 640,000+ years ago.

Yellowstone-about-to-blow-1-in-10-chance-super-volcano-will-kill-millions--‘within the next 70 years’?

Magma reservoir Yellowstone National Park world’s biggest time bombs

Yellowstone supervolcano even bigger we thought

Huge magma chamber found deeply buried under Yellowstone, enormous previously unknown reservoir

10 July 14 - Thermals Melt Road, Force Closure in Yellowstone National Park

“...extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas has caused thick oil to bubble to the surface, damaging the blacktop and creating unsafe driving conditions on the popular and scenic road off the Grand Loop Road halfway between Old Faithful and Madison Junction in the park's Lower Geyser Basin.”

NPS Official Notice

Visitors are warned not to hike into the areas affected because the soil may contain extremely

hot ground surface liquidation.

July 9, 2014 - Yellowstone Closure Video

30 Mar 14 - Earthquake Rattles Yellowstone National Park, No Damage Reported

Norris Geyser Basin - “4.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Yellowstone National Park in Montana

early Sunday, but there were no immediate reports of damage.”

Seismograph USGS

Seismograph Stations

Yellowstone National Park Rattled By Largest Earthquake in 34 Years

Earthquake Activity at Yellowstone National Park Not Unusual USGS

Feb 2, 2014 - Turner Radio Network

Terrorist Attack Attempt Against Yellowstone National Park

U.S. Supervolcano Can Erupt at Any Time

2012.02.06 - Death  Valley Volcano May Explode At Any Time Now

Yellowstone Ground Raises 10 Inches

December 12, 2013

Yellowstone’s Magma Chamber 2.5 Times Bigger Than Thought

17 Apr 2013 - Yellowstone’s Volcano Bigger Than Thought

Beneath Yellowstone, a volcano that could wipe out USA

USGS Yellowstone Monitoring

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

Recent Earthquakes for Yellowstone

07 Jan 2012 - A Study In Yellowstone National Park Volcano


21 May 2011 - Yellowstone National Park Is Moving

10 April 2011 - Electric Yellowstone - Conductivity Image Hints Volcano Plume Is Bigger Than Thought

25 Jan 2011 - Is the world's largest super-volcano set to erupt for the first time in 600,000 years,

wiping out two-thirds of the U.S.?

19 Jan 2011 - Yellowstone Has Bulged As Magma Pocket Swells

9 Sept 2010 - New Research Shows Size and Shape of Yellowstone Plume

Aug 26, 2010 - Hotspot - What Lies Beneath

Yellowstone Earthquake Sound Waves 01.17.10

Madison River Webicorder

USGS Webicorder (Seismogram) Displays, Yellowstone Region

Yellowstone's Plumbing Reveals Plume of Hot and Molten Rock 410 Miles Deep

Yellowstone a petri dish for climate change

Volcano Alert Level - Normal

"False" Evacuation Warning for Yellowstone

Yellowstone Public Radio Alerts and Warnings

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Information Release - Status and Updates

USGS Earthquake Swarm

 Yellowstone Lake Bulge FAQs


Norris Junction

     Yellowstone National Park's, Norris Geyser Basin is probably the key, most important area to watch.  It is in the Norris Basin where impending changes for better or worse - will be noticed first.    The Norris Geyser Basin is well-known for its land deformity, water table changes, excessive thermal variations including rising ground temperatures, and other instability factors.  Norris Basin is probably the hottest area in Yellowstone National Park and recent interest in this particular area has occurred because of new mud pots and temperature increases reaching nearly 200 degrees.  Scientists and geologists continually monitor changes in earthquake activity, rising steam pressure, abnormal geyser activity, new steam vents and fumaroles that appear near the top of the rising dome - all of which might be indicative of an impending explosion.    According to the 2004 Yellowstone Geological Fact Sheet, Global Positioning System (GPS) stations have been stationed in various parts of the park including one in the Norris Geyser Basin.  The GPS stations can "detect changes in elevation and horizontal shifts of 1 inch or less per year, helping scientists understand the  processes that drive Yellowstone's active volcanic and earthquake systems."(1)  Yellowstone Lake (the second-most area of interest) is approximately 60 miles from Norris Junction.   Between Norris Junction and Yellowstone Lake sits Old Faithful (the Upper Geyser Basin).   


2012 Yellowstone Geysers Become Active Again After Dormant Periods

Geyser, Inactive Since 1998, Erupts

"Ledge geyser, the second-largest at Norris and dormant since 1998, erupting full-bore, sending a plume of  steam about 100 feet in the air...The eruption coincided with other out-of-the-ordinary activity at Norris over the weekend, including the eruption of other sporadic geysers and changes in the water at the surface.  Henry Heasler, Yellowstone's lead geologist, said the changes appear to be part of a"thermal

disturbance" at  Norris, an infrequent and often-sudden shift at the geyser basin that usually comes on quickly and then fades away."

Simplified map of Yellowstone National Park, caldera, and resurgent domes [USGS]


Giant Volcano Under Yellowstone Park Stirring To Life - Five Inch Increase At The Uplift Anomaly

"While the rise may not be noticeable to the casual hiker, the activity may have cracked the crust in the park's famous Norris Geyser Basin (NGB), leading to the formation of new fumaroles — holes that vent smoke and gas — and the reawakening of some of the area's geysers, including Steamboat, the largest geyser in the world."


""We're watching a trend that shows a larger uplift sustained over several years. If we continue

to see this accelerated uplift, it might be the early stages (of an event)."  USGS


Yellowstone Quake Maps

Yellowstone Earthquake Thumbprint Locations 

YellowstoneInsider Twitter Reports 

Yellowstone Road Conditions

Montana Road Conditions 

Yellowstone Non-Military Radio Monitoring Station

Yellowstone Helicorder/Seismos 




The Great Yellowstone Fires

Yellowstone Volcano Inflating With Molten Rock At Record Rate

Yellowstone Is RisingOn Swollen "Supervolcano"

Yellowstone Volcanic Hotspot Studied

Yellowstone's Quiet Power

Domes Rising in Yellowstone National Park Faster Than Ever

Yellowstone's Deep Secret

Yellowstone Supervolcano Making Strange Rumblings

Recent Findings at Yellowstone Lake

Chance of Park Hazards Studied

Yellowstone - A Terrorist Target or Looming Natural Disaster?

Scientists Study Yellowstone's Volcanic System for Hazards

Yellowstone's Explosive Secret

Yellowstone Seismos

Giant Volcano Under Yellowstone Park Stirring to Life

Yellowstone Bulge May Cause Thermal Unrest

Volcano is on the Rise at Yellowstone Park

"Forces brewing deep beneath Yellowstone National Park could be making one of the

largest volcanoes on Earth even bigger, a new study reveals."

Yellowstone Rated 'High Threat' For Volcanic Eruption

Yellowstone Fallout Ash Bed [USGS


BBC - Supervolcanoes Could Trigger Global Freeze

Bison Activity in Yellowstone Park

Bob Smith's Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

Carbon Dioxide and Helium Discharge from Mammoth Mountain

Distant Earthquake Rattles Yellowstone

Earth Change Topics - The Hutton Commentaries

FAQ on Recent Findings at Yellowstone Lake

Frequency and Size of Supervolcano Eruptions for the Yellowstone Trend

Hydrologic Monitoring at Yellowstone Caldera

Latest Earthquake Updates

Planet Earth from Space

Recent Earthquakes in the Intermountain West

UUSS Webicorder (Seismogram) Displays, Yellowstone Region

History of Yellowstone Volcanic Eruptions

Huge Volcano Sleeps Underneath Yellowstone

News Releases

Other Volcano News Releases

Quarterly Seismicity for Yellowstone

Potential Hazards From Future Volcanic Eruptions

Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

Scientists Closely Monitoring Yellowstone


Terrorism - A Yellowstone Vision

Tiny Crystals Predict A Huge Volcano in Western United States

Urban Legends Report on Yellowstone Geothermic and Seismic Activity


Yellowstone Latest Earthquake List

Volcano Hazards Fact Sheet

Volcanolive News, Information, and Travel

Volcano Monitoring

Volcano World

West Yellowstone Montana Travel Information
Wyoming Game and Fish

Yellowstone Earthquake Trend Chart

Yellowstone Geographic

The Fickle Nature of Geysers

Alaska Quake Changed Yellowstone Geysers

Yellowstone Hot Spot Project

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park Getting Hotter


Yellowstone Web CAMS


Yellowstone Web Cams

Yellowstone Web Cam Updates 


Protecting The Wild Bison?

Number of bison killed sets record

Anger Over Culling of Yellowstones Bison

Buffalo Field Campaign

Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act (HR2428)

Yellowstone's Rabbits Have Vanished








The Ripple Effect - A Lampholder Prophecy Forewarning

The Earth, People, Humanity's Fallen Spirit

All Share The Same Wind, Earth and Water

The Lampholder


Volcano Illustrates World's Interconnectedness


Picture and other references

(1)  Tracking Changes in Yellowstone's Restless Volcanic System

Yellowstone Lake Bulge and Morgan et al. (2003, in press).

Three Sisters Earthquake Map

(5)  Press Release

Still Picture Records LICON, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-837-3530,

FAX: 301-837-3621, EMAIL:

Simplified Map of Yellowstone National Park, Caldera, and Resurgent Domes

Yellowstone Fallout Ash Bed

USGS Volcano Maps

All pictures unless otherwise noted are from Microsoft FP Editor Photos

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USGS Iceland Volcanoes Map

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Mars Images    Near Earth Asteroid 

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Volcano News & Current Events


Current Alerts for U.S. Volcanoes

Which Volcanoes are Erupting Now?

New Madrid Earthquake Maps

New Madrid Seismic Zone

AVA Aster Volcano Library

Global Volcanism Program

Find a Volcano USGS

How Volcanoes Work

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AnchorageWeatherCam - Alaskan Webcams    Akutan    Augustine - low light   

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Worldwide Web Cameras #1

Worldwide Web Cameras #2

Michigan Tech University Volano Page

Indonesian Volcano Web CAMS

Volcano News

Super Volcanoes, Giant Tsunamis,

and Earthquakes


America's 10 most hazardous volcanoes

Hazard of 169 U.S. Volcanoes

"...highest priority for study - Mount St. Helens in Washington state, Anatahan in the Mariana Islands, Kilauea in Hawaii, Mauna Loa in Hawaii and Mount Spurr in Alaska.  The 13 very high-threat volcanoes with inadequate monitoring. These include nine volcanoes in the Cascade Range - Rainier, Hood, Shasta, South Sister, Lassen, Crater Lake, Baker, Glacier Peak and Newberry - and four Alaskan volcanoes, Redoubt, Makushin, Akutan and Augustine. The agency noted that while Cascade volcanoes do not erupt frequently, they threaten major populations and developments. Nineteen volcanoes in Alaska and the Mariana Islands that pose high risks to aviation combined with no real-time ground-based monitoring to detect precursory unrest or the onset of an eruption."  U.S. Geological Survey Threat Score - Kilauea - #324 (Erupting), Mt. St. Helens, WA #267 (Erupting), Mt. Spurr, Alaska - #130 (Unrest) Yellowstone ranks 21st most dangerous of the 169 volcano centers in the United States [USGS Volcanology Report].




Aira (Japan)
Campi Flegrel (Mediterranean near Sicily)
Long Valley Caldera (California)
Taupo (New Zealand)
Toba (Sumatra)
Valles Caldera (Mexico)
Yellowstone (Wyoming)


USGS Creates Framework For National Volcano Early Warning System

Reston, VA – "The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) today released the first ever comprehensive and systematic review of the 169 U.S. volcanoes and established a framework for a National Volcano Early Warning System (NVEWS) which calls for a 24-hour seven-day-a-week Volcano Watch Office and enhanced instrumentation and monitoring at targeted volcanoes."




Deep-sea volcanoes don't just produce lava flows, they also explode!

Giant Underwater Volcano Discovered in Indonesia

World's deepest known undersea volcanic vent found

Marsili Volcano - Undersea Volcano Could Destroy Italy Tomorrow

Samoa - Robot records deepest erupting undersea volcano

Underwater volcano found off Washington coast

Underwater volcanoe off California Central Coast

Thousands of New Volcanoes Revealed Beneath the Waves

Undersea Volcano May Have Caused 1,700 Quakes in Southern Chile

Ancient Volcano, Seeds and Tree Rings, Rewriting History

Volcano-like tremors detected deep within Earth's crust near San Andreas

Emerging Ocean Volcano has 'Moat of Death'

New type of ocean volcano pops up

Underwater volcano discovered off Sicily

Italy finds underwater volcan 40 km (25 miles) off the southern coast of Sicily

Giant Underwater Volcano Discovered in Iceland

Massive Volcano Underneath Antarctic Ice

Volcano lies buried under West Antarctica ice

Buried Volcano Discovered in Antarctica

Way Under The Sea, Violent Eruptions From Volcanoes

Volcanoes and Volcano Hazards

  1. Volcanoes - USGS

  2. USGS Volcano Fact Sheets

  3. Washington State Volcanoes and Volcanics - USGS

  4. Cascade Volcano Observatory - CVO

  5. Mt. Rainier

  6. Mt. Rainier Cat Scan Detects Quake Hazards

  7. Pacific NW Seismograph

  8. The Columbia River Plateau of the Pacific Northwest - USGS

  9. Hawaii Volcanoes and Volcanics - USGS

  10. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory - HVO

  11. Alaska Volcano Observatory

  12. New Alaska Volcano Discovered - Amchixtam Chaxsxii (Am'chik-tam Chakh-skiee)

  13. Volcanic Hazards in the Cascades - USGS

  14. Kilauea Volcano Hazards - HVO

  15. Mt. Etna - Highest volcano in Europe

  16. Global Volcanism Project - from the Smithsonian Institution

  17. Virtual Hawaii - Kilauea Virtual Fieldtrip

  18. Montserrat Volcano Page

  19. Montserrat Volcano Observatory

  20. Fallout - Events from National Geographic

  21. Italy's Volcanoes

  22. MTU Volcanoes Page

  23. EarthweekNews reports, updated weekly, on Earth events - includes volcanoes

  24. The Electronic Volcano

  25. Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory Homepage - active volcano in Antarctica

  26. Mount Pinatubo - Facts and figures

  27. Nyiragongo volcano, Congo - News from PlanetArk

  28. The eruption of Nyiragongo - News 21st January 2002




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